Ahmad Abdallah Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • MSc in Design and Manufacturing
    Kuwait University (Kuwait)
  • BEng in Aerospace
    University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom)


Message from the CEO

RSRS was founded to answer the modern demand for radical solutions that work within the new framework of globalization. In today’s world, more data and digital information is available than ever before. We believe that harnessing this data and evaluating it correctly can give us a wider view of the reality we operate in.

In a world full of chaotic, rapidly unfolding events, with new crises emerging every day and disturbing technologies we have yet to fully understand, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the idea of functioning within the Big Picture. But widening our perspective allows us to see that these events and changes do not happen in a vacuum. When we talk about “this moment in time,” the phrase encompasses not just trends and events that affect us, but all the concurrent events happening outside our bubble. Evaluating data through this Big Picture filter enables us to predict more accurately the movements shaping the world around us and see our actions as part of a larger web of ripples. Life is not a straight line but a complicated network of reciprocal events.

This philosophy is what guides our work at RSRS. We strive to provide our clients with practical, valuable data and offer wise advice based on global influences. Our consultants are multi-disciplinary. We look for people skilled in seeing all angles of a project, identifying the overlaps between industries, and appreciating that interconnectedness.

This cross-sectional approach is just the first step, helping us gather the vast amount of data available. Next, we utilize the most modern, innovative technologies available, such as artificial intelligence, smart data mining, and targeted machine learning, to analyze and create predictive models based on this constant growing database.

No client is the same and no project is exactly the same either. When it comes to globalization, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every project we agree to take on requires us to be creative and flexible, looking for unique solutions that push the boundaries of global business and public policy.

RSRS offers customized strategies, analysis, and implementation support that is tailored to each of our valued clients. Our goal is not only to meet their needs but to prepare them for the future, through a deeper understanding of their goals and future success. Our services provide a sharp diagnosis that uses an integrative approach, drawing on even the smallest detail to expand our knowledge base from parallel fields.

And once we understand the current situation as deeply as we can, with as much data as we can gather and as much knowledge of reciprocal influences and interconnected relationships as we can gain, only then will we start to look for a solution that exceeds expectations. The ideal solution, the one you may have thought was the answer, may actually be only one step in the right direction. Using multi-disciplinary data boosts compatibility, exposes unseen challenges, and ultimately delivers the right solution. Knowledge is power. Data is power.


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Homoud Al Naser Street Bld. 16 flat 18 kuwait, Kuwait 22089

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