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We offer a wide range of business consulting services focused on growth strategy, covering everything from large-scale corporate growth to private and public due diligence. However large or small the problem, from international to local markets, our services can match your scope. Our team of experts utilizes complete, current data, with the most cutting edge quantitative and statistical software, to create accurate, flexible models. We believe any solid growth strategy must have a foundation in quantitative evidence to truly meet the needs of an ever-growing international market.

Reach your true sales potential and gain valuable market share with one of our customized growth strategies. Our experienced consultants know how to put your company in the most favorable go-to-market position, with our in-depth knowledge of trade and risk movement, tax laws, and products and services designed to help you succeed.

When you work with RSRS, you receive a fully customized, professionally developed market entry plan, complete with fit and feasibility studies and detailed market evaluation. We love helping our clients connect with possible targets for joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships as well. We’re with you every step of the way, providing efficient integration services and any other transactional services you may need.

Build a strategy for the future that encourages both growth and vision. Develop a dynamic portfolio that incorporates both traditional growth and market innovation. With RSRS, you get full systemic, structural support for all your short- and long-term growth agendas.

RSRS offers the power of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and cross-sectoral consulting services to help you develop and deploy AI solutions.


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The biggest reason we engaged RSRS General Trading was their knowledge and their expertise in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and cross-sectoral consulting services

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Khaled Akrout
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